Featuring interviews recorded in Los Angeles and Berlin in 2019/20, the experimental documentary short OINK! offers a portrait of gay men who—in different ways—relate to the gay “pig” sexual imaginary. It provides insight into their experiences of identity, masculinity, community, belonging, sexual pleasure and intimacy, as they are co-shaped and framed by 21st-century media.

The film had its theatrical premiere in November 2020 in London at Fringe!, which was followed by a roundtable discussion on “Gay Sex and the Pandemic,” chaired by Dr João Florêncio and featuring Suzie Krueger (founder of sex clubs FIST and Hard On), John Thomas (adult performer), and Dr Elliot Evans (Lecturer in French Studies, Gender and Sexuality at the University of Birmingham).

OINK! has also been been produced as a 3-channel, 5.1 sound, immersive video installation available for screening in gallery settings.


If you are a festival, cinema, gallery, or any other cultural or community organisation and would like to consider showing the film or the installation, please do contact us to request a screener and technical specs.


Producer: João Florêncio
Director: Rob Eagle
Cinematographer: Rufai Ajala
Editor: Liz Rosenfeld
Music: Liam Byrne
sound: João Florêncio
Sound Mixing: Dominic Deane
Colour grading: JACK OFFORD
Assistant Producer: Ben Miller

World Premiere Partner: