Image Credits

All website images by João Florêncio, with the following image commons:

Anthony Ross, Abstract artwork 1353

Antisocial Octopus, Lindsay Dawn Obath, Evans Campbell, Deconstructing Masculinity

arbyreed, Porous

The Gallen-Kallela Museum, A naked man standing by a river in Africa, ca. 1909–1910

Google, Pig nose emoji

Horia Varlan, Light green texture of a porous stony surface

Jynto, Emtricitabine molecule ball

NIAID, 3D Model of HIV

NIAID, Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

NIH, HIV budding

NIH, HIV daughter particles being shed from an infected T cell

Paolo Monti, Serie Fotografica (Italia, 1973)

PubChem, Ball-and-stick model of tenofovir

Sarah Marie Jones, Nude man after skinnydip

Timeastor, Abstract Artwork 0006

Wellcome Collection, “A naked man walking. Collotype after Eadweard Muybridge, 1887”

Wellcome Collection, “Protection from love. Let us give AIDS no chance.”

Wellcome Collection, “To kiss: sexy and safe”

Conference poster by João Florêncio, with the following image commons:

RCSB Protein Data Bank, “HIV enzyme integrase”

Wellcome Collection, “Eugen Sandow: Life of the Author as told in Photographs